Visitation Dreams

Have you ever had one?

I’ve experienced two now – during my most stressful times. It sounds supernatural and superstitious but it seems that my grandpa’s spirit visits me at these times to reassure me that everything is okay. I’m generally not a superstitious person but these dreams really do mean something because they are so vivid and different. It’s like an epiphany once you remember the dream.

I was blabbing away this morning as usual to my boyfriend and I started reciting my dream about a baby that I picked up from a pile of babies (yes alive babies in a basket on a sky train). Then I realized that I had a visitation dream from my grandpa! In the dream, I was on a sky train with my siblings and after I chose the most plump baby from the pile, I started walking around the sky train acting like it was my child. Then the baby started doing a back bend (yoga baby) with his head dangling and I heard my grandpa shout across the sky train. My siblings and I had came to a consensus about how typical and loud my grandpa was. My grandpa and I started chatting and I can remember vividly smelling his breath. The only sentence I took away from the whole conversation was him saying, “I will only be here for two more years.” As I revisited this dream, I interpreted my grandpa’s message as a reassurance that he will be around until I have settled down in a more stress free and carefree life. And the baby would be him incarnated in two years?

In this dream, my grandpa was younger than the first dream, with dark black hair.

My first visitation dream was around summer ’16 last year – I think I must have had some work crisis/stagnation type of stress. In the dream, I walked through these revolving doors where I saw my grandpa in a grey jumpsuit dialing a telephone mounted on the wall. When he saw me, he exclaimed, “I’ve been trying to call you!” I ask him what number he was dialing and he gave me a three number combination with either “6, 1, 5 or 8, 1, 5”. While transitioning from dream to wake state, I was crying out loud because 1) I cry in my dreams for real when I’m stressed out or near my period (I believe it is some sort of stress relieving symptom) 2) that was the first time I’ve “seen” my grandpa since his passing back in June 2014. I interpreted that dream as him trying to tell me he has been trying to reach me to tell me everything will be okay. The next day at work, I finally had time at the end of the work day to do a little research on visitation dreams. A point that really stood out to me was the fact that the visitor will always be a healthier version compared to the weak and fragile state at when they passed away. In the first dream, my grandpa was definitely in a healthier state, with noticeably rosier cheeks, more firm skin, and at a good weight. The second dream was the loud voice he had.

Recently, I’ve been picking up a lot of activities that I used to do when I was living a more carefree life. However, at the same time, I am trying to balance my full time job along with a tech startup that I want to begin plus the lack of exercise I’ve been getting this year (March already!) Just extremely overwhelmed by the number of appointments and activities that I have to attend to. And on top of that, I caught a cold, which then turned out to be a severe allergic reaction instead.

*Note to self and everyone: breathe, quit over-worrying about the future and focus on being mindful – PRIORITIZE!

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