Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Ponta Dona Beija – Hot Springs
Streets of P. Delgada


Some lessons and tips:

  • don’t practice manual transmission for the first time like me… I took a few lessons back home and I’m literally driving one by myself for the first time in a foreign country – I managed to scrape it on the first day and a really awful second time where the door won’t even open… glad I got insurance but don’t know how much it would cover… yikes!
  • beware the GPS – I can’t find half the things and it led me up this super steep hill that caused my first car damage. Google seems to have the wrong street names…
  • don’t own a phone like mine that is particular with it’s charging outlets… (bring two phones, or two batteries, or some excess charging device) – social media and google! Make sure you unlock your phone prior to travelling so it can accept any SIM (I went to VODAFONE). Good idea to have a plan that includes a bit of everything because you never know but nothing matters if your phone is dead!

I am just so clumsy when I’m travelling… maybe because I’m on my own but at the same time, when things go wrong, I don’t seem to care as much compared to if it were to happen back home. Just a few things that went wrong:

  • forgot to bring my waterproof watch and cell phone opener key
  • Using a leaky water bottle, which leaked all over my backpack
  • Spilling red wine on the plane and all over my pants, sandals, and book
  • following the GPS up a steep hill which ended in my car stalling and rolling backwards and hitting a wall
  • my flip flops broke on day 2…
  • had to go to the mall to buy flip flops and ended up scraping my rental car really badly
  • forgot my camera on day 2

I’m not suggesting anorexia but I’ve only consumed one real meal per day… but maintained my fruit, vegetable, and water count at a really good level. I would assume that I would want to eat all the time when I’m at home working a routine while travelling is so engaging I don’t even feel like eating or hungry even though I love food!

Although I had a list of things I wanted to see, I really only saw 2/5:

Furnas Volcano – yes

Poca Dona Beija – yes

Miradouro Da Boca – nope

Ferraria Thermal – nope

Lagoa Do Fogo – nope

Caldeira Velha – yes

BUT that is what travelling is all about! Getting lost and along the way there’s always new sights to be seen or new streets to be walked.

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