Sintra & Cascais, Portugal

Cascais pronounced cash-Kai-sh

Did you know that travelling mends the broken heart? You realize how vast this world is and how foolish it is to ruminate on one person who didn’t even deserve you. You’ll realize how you are truly living because you’ll have lost track of time and days because all focus is on enjoying every moment. After this trip, I must create a life where I will no longer want to escape on vacations to because every moment in life should be like this.

Pena Palace, Sintra

Lovely cobblestone, Cascais

Cabo da Roca
Tips and Lessons:

  • don’t exit the metro like I did without transferring within the barriers because your ticket is only valid until you exit – basically I thought I had to exit to transfer trains but my ticket expired once I scanned it to exit (had to pay twice for just two stops :()
  • driving was a better idea on the island although I damaged the car but taking the train and doing tours seem to be a proud choice that I made while in Lisbon (the traffic is crazy especially when you are not used to the traffic and signs and the city is more overwhelming and busy) – it is just relaxing to have someone guide and drive you around (if you can afford it of course!)
  • buy aloe vera sun products
  • drink your juice and eat your veggies – Portugal does a wonderful job of providing freshly squeezed juices and including veggies in your meals

Ayysee Wonders

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