Vinho Verde, Portugal

It’s not a destination but a type of wine: green wine

I thought the wine would literally look green but it actually looks white and is so refreshing! The wine is basically made from premature grapes.

Today was a smooth sailing day with destinations:

  • Fatima
  • Nazares
  • Obidos
Fatima Santuary

Nazares and Obidos are my absolute favourite. Nazares is a beautiful beach town with white homes and red roof bricks. The water is absolutely freezing but the sand is so hot.

Make sure you obey the flags as to the ocean conditions. Red means dangerous. Yellow means you can dip your feet in with caution. And Green means swim! The waves can be so strong they can gulp you up in a second. Mother nature is so beautiful but so powerful. Respect.

Obidos is architecturally beautiful with white homes, red brick roofs, yellow and blue paint accents, and beautiful flowers.

Both destinations are absolutely dreamy pictures come true.


For me personally, I am running out of money because I tip way too generously. I believe 10% is enough but I give like 20%. It’s only been 6 days and I’ve used 700 euros (thanks partially to the damaged rental car). Oh well, let’s live now and worry later. Money can be made endlessly.

P.S. – I am loving the attention that a single, confident, and beautiful woman is receiving

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