Two Weeks in Portugal

Here is a summary of my trip in Portugal:

  1. solo travel is the best – no responsibilities for other people and always meeting new people
  2. either book a hotel with 4 or more stars or stay cheap and do hostels
  3. renting a car was a great idea in Azores because public transportation is limited there
  4. taking the train was an awesome idea in Portugal
  5. being able to master navigation around a foreign place feels great (Metro, walking, train, driving)
  6. very grateful for not being sick or on my period
  7. very thankful to have met other travellers
  8. pure mindfulness and flow happened during my travels because every single moment was enjoyable and what time or day stopped mattering – a true definition of living life to the fullest
  9. waiting on vacation does not make me angry or impatient
  10. the blues actually hit me on my last night – heavy chest, nostalgia, sadness

What I learned about Portugal:

  1. fresh orange juice everywhere
  2. orange trees, olive trees, eucalyptus trees, and cork trees
  3. green wine and port wine are from Portugal
  4. dinner and clubbing starts late (usually after 7 for dinner and past midnight for going out)
  5. Obrigada means thank-you (for women) Obrigado for men
  6. their S is pronounced SH
  7. they drive impressively through narrow streets with manual transmissions
  8. Asian food is not that authentic here

On a broadening horizon note, always do what makes you happy and perhaps move to a warmer climate where sweat replaces lotion #savemoneytotravel

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