Scotland and England a 2nd time

Maggie Food Truck for Scooby Sandwiches
Oran Mor Pub Venue
Staffa/Fingal’s Cave
Oban, Scotland
Isle of Iona, Scotland
Veggie Scottish Breakfast
People Make Glasgow – Great layout Taxis compared to Canada
Kelvin Walkway
Ruchill Park behind Murano Flats


Ashton Lane and the String Sky Lights
Glasgow University
Kelvingrove Museum
Buchanan Street
The sky string lights are only up during Christmas 🙁 at Royal Exchange Square


Grateful to have a second chance to revisit Scotland and England. Really glad I didn’t stay too long because the Canadian dollar does not stretch far in the UK.

My favourite spots:

  • Glasgow University
  • Kelvin Walkway
  • Kelvingrove Museum
  • Maggie’s Food Truck
  • Oran Mor
  • Ashton Lane
  • Ruchill Park
  • Buchanan Street Shopping
  • Oban and 3 Isles – Fresh Seafood: Langoustines, Osyters, Mussels, and more
  • London – Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street Shopping #TOPSHOP


  • Didn’t make it to Edinburgh for the underground vaults
  • The Royal Exchange Square didn’t have sky lights (only during Christmas :()

Tips and Lessons:

  • a 3.5 star hotel in Scotland is nicer than a 3.5 star hotel in Portugal
  • the weather in Scotland is not hot and sunny like I imagined in the summer (June at least) – pack a waterproof jacket and warm clothes for sure
  • don’t let mean tour ladies tell you what you can’t wear on tour – I managed to do the three isles tour (staffa, mull, iona) in Oban with my slippery Keds
  • I was able to live off of wifi

People make Glasgow – NICE PEOPLE

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