Straight Legitimate Men

50% nature – male traits: masculinity, ambition, generosity,

50% nurture – exposure to feminism and upbringing (male/female influence)

Women are fighting for equality on things that are and have been truly unfair for a long time but not to the point where men become cheap, unambitious, and where’s the strength to protect?


Why was birth giving assigned to women? Because we are rooted to care and men rooted to fight, give and protect.


Ayysee Wonders

"Curiosity often leads to trouble" - Alice in Wonderland Partial nomad obsessed with glitter, values laughing, dreams of living behind wild waters and forests. Passion and aspiration for inspiration. This is where I express my inner thoughts, feelings, and concern for society that I can't in real life because it will be too true and offensive. Please feel free to comment and share your stories. Enjoy!

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