The Joy of Walking

Not just walking but also biking or anything that allows you to commute in a way where you can stop and admire the journey along the way.

Seeing things at your own pace.

Maybe it takes someone who usually drives to be able to appreciate being able to commute via walking for a change.

I usually hate Sundays because Monday follows but today felt different. Maybe the sun is shining but also maybe I have been quite mellow. What stood out was being able to walk out with my mom and our cute dog to grab a bite to eat. On our way home, we stopped several times on the way for shops, chit chat with strangers, determining whether someone’s lawn was fake or real, pointing out a tree we liked and debating whether the berries were edible or not, and even our dog got to mingle with other dogs.
Then this triggers me to think about this whole weekend where I finally come to realize the importance of family gatherings or spending time with family. We had a family BBQ on Saturday and maybe because it took place in a city outside of Vancouver I’m quite fond of so that’s why I have a biased positive feeling towards it.

The memorable part was after dinner, I took a stroll with my grandma and pretty much all her grandchildren joined – how often does that happen?

Pure joy stems from gratefulness for being able to experience simple things like this.

Ayysee Wonders

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