Magical Parties

Many years ago I started a Pinterest board called Magical Parties:

Never would I imagine that day to finally arrive where I would co-host one of the first magical parties in my life. This is all thanks to my lovely elementary/high school sweetheart BFF who invited me to be one of her bridesmaids. And of course, this wouldn’t have been such a success without my fellow bridesmaids.

The pictures I share below are mainly showcasing my narcissistic obsession with my drink creations (just like that meme of how I re-watch my snap chat stories each time like I’ve never seen it before).

Photo by Jess On Photography *see below for link

Beautiful setup for the little music station

Looks good but doesn’t taste as good unfortunately…

One of my specialties that I would open a stand for: Sangria

First time’s a charm! They tasted delicious!

The decor was full of thought and effort
I could see why our friendship has lasted so long: because we share the same passion for outdoor classy party venues (but also many other similarities in values and such).

When my friend was opening her gifts, I had realized how long it has been since there was a party done like this with gifts, decor, and games. The parties in my dictionary over the years had meant BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL AND GET DRUNK AND GO OUT. I am starting to see a trend where things that used to take place in childhood is taking its form discreetly as we transition into adulthood.


*Featured Image by Jess On Photography:



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