Clear Blue Waters & White Sand Beaches in Cuba

Back in 2014, a one week inclusive vacation to Varadero, Cuba in a 5-star hotel (RIU) cost approximately $600 Canadian Dollars. Our fellow East Coast friends paid even less: two weeks for the same price tag. We travelled during hurricane season (in June) but the price tag has probably inflated regardless. All this was included:

  • flights
  • shuttles to and from the airport in Cuba
  • accommodation
  • food
  • alcohol/drinks

*Note: We had to pay a departure tax that is probably non-existent anymore. Also, we liked to tip generously as Cubans don’t earn much.

Our backyard for a week – still, clear, blue waters
The lunch included in our Catamaran Tour
Dophin interaction in the Catamaran Tour
Snorkeling – Catamaran Tour
White sand everywhere
Havana City Tour
Havana City Tour
Havana City


Looking back, this was one of the best trips I’ve had (barely remembering the cold I had all week followed by my period – LUCKY!). A whole week of good routine:

  • Morning: breakfast, pedal boat, swim, looking at fish with goggles for hours that felt like seconds (or replaced by the two tours we did – Havana City and Catamaran Boat Tour)
  • Lunch and beach evacuation due to afternoon storms
  • Dinner, tequila, go out

Bailando – Enrique Iglesias was our jam!

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