Tofino, BC – CANADA

During Labour Weekend in 2016, our family went on a little road trip to Tofino in British Columbia. Known for its beautiful surfing beaches, it is as beautiful as it sounds (not overrated like I thought).

Did you know Vancouver Island contains Victoria, Nanaimo, and Tofino, where it is all accessible by vehicle? I didn’t know because I’ve always thought that you had to take the ferry between each place.

The feature image showcases our backyard for the weekend (we stayed at Best Western). I’m glad we paid a bit more to have such a backyard (even though the accommodation itself was mediocre) because it actually costs money to visit some of the beaches in Tofino!

On the day we arrived, because of my family’s chill spirit, we spontaneously made stops:

  • Woodgrove Centre in Nanaimo after we docked via ferry
  • Cameron Lake for a quick stop to admire its clean water and scenic view
  • Finally, at night we took a walk out to the beach where many people made bonfires. We tried to walk towards the ocean in the dark but was too afraid to actually reach the water because the tide seemed to be way out

On the second day, we did a well worth tour to Hot Springs Cove where we took a 1.5 hour boat ride (each way) to the destination. Upon arrival, we had to take an easy stroll on the boardwalk to reach the natural hot springs amongst the rocks. Caution: natural egg smell (the sulfur). When we got back to the dock, we were greeted by semi-wild dogs that had owners but were free to roam the islands via doggy legs or swimming. They were attracted by the food that people would give them so would constantly swim between islands just for the food! On our way back via boat, we were lucky enough to spot a grey humpback whale and a mama bear with her cub!

Finally, the food – quite pricey and yes, pricey. No special cuisine to share other than Tacofino, which we didn’t have but could have in Vancouver anyways.

BC Ferries
Cameron Lake
These dogs swim across islands for food
Hot Springs Cove

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