Victoria, BC – CANADA

A year and a half after paying off $25K,

I never thought I would’ve seen the day.

Perfect time for a casual celebratory vacay.


Off to Victoria we go during Easter Weekend,

Four girls, no men

Only an hour ferry ride from Vancouver,

We stayed at Capital City Centre.

On the first day, we saw:

The BC Parliament Building and downtown seawall.

Also, miniature world then delicious Beaver Tails

Finally ending the night at Distrikt Nightclub #males

Day 2: Church and State Winery, UVIC, and the beautiful clean Cadboro-Gyro Park

Finally, the magical Fan Tan Alley and stroll around Chinatown till dark

At one point I dropped my whole wallet

But it got returned to my hotel with everything (except some cash) still in it

The trip was everything I have imagined, with laid back vibes

And sunny all weekend with unforgettable clean beach tides

Full of Heritage
Fan Tan Alley reminds me of Amsterdam


Victoria’s Chinatown

Ayysee Wonders

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