A Very Personal Journal

*pun intended for this being personal

*guaranteed offensive

My TOP PMOs this week:

  • snobby and rude people who think they own the world
  • cheap men who don’t pay on first dates
  • attention whore females
  • people who didn’t earn what they deserve
  • smelly haters who back-stab
  • bitter humans who blame external factors
  • jokes taken too far
  • stupid rules at work

Ayysee Wonders

"Curiosity often leads to trouble" - Alice in Wonderland Partial nomad obsessed with glitter, values laughing, dreams of living behind wild waters and forests. Passion and aspiration for inspiration. This is where I express my inner thoughts, feelings, and concern for society that I can't in real life because it will be too true and offensive. Please feel free to comment and share your stories. Enjoy!

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