Hating the Waiting Game

I hate to wait.

My waiting intolerance grew when I finally had some luck with boys in University.

There was one boy who told me he would come back and pick me up for breakfast; it’s hilarious because I was starving and he never returned. I skyped my bff and told her then proceeded to sulk for a week.

A week later there was another boy who I naively waited for his texts and from morning to night for him to show up to “hang out”. Then I proceeded to sulk for one year. I was 19.

Then every time I waited for anything (the bus, friends, etc.) for an extended period of time, I would be reminded of all those times I foolishly waited and waited and waited.

“DUMB BITCH” was something one of my friends would call me. She is so right. I was at the club once and this boy told me to sit there and wait and I did. My friend saw me and said I looked crazy so she dragged me home.


I finally encountered the wonderful BITCH BIBLE*, which put everything in perspective and answered all my burning relationship questions. What some women naturally know how to do, I have to consciously refer to the bible and practice. EVOLUTIONARY THEORY gives an advantage to these women who naturally know how to not be taken advantage of. At least I knew to dig out resources to self learn.

*The real name of the book is not BITCH BIBLE

Ayysee Wonders

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