Growing Up Poor & Battling Allergies 

I recently watched a Ted Talk on raising successful children and the main predictor of success as an adult is being raised in a well-off family. Second to that is having attentive and engaging parents who are supportive.

Some days I feel on top of the world, seizing the day and feeling unconquerable. Other days I’m buried in a smelly dump and have no motivation to climb out but to sulk and rot with the garbage. What an extreme roller coaster ride. So much happiness and excitement and passion one day and so much confusion and stagnation the next.

What’s up? Why is there no moderation, like my binge eating. Is it:

  • Growing up poor and seeing how oppressed and helpless both minority AND women are?
  • Genetics 50% nature and 50% nurture? More specifically 10% circumstances 40% own doing 50% genetics?
  • Poor parent examples?

Growing up poor means access to the cheapest junkiest food and stuffing yourself full because you don’t know when the next meal is. Growing up poor means being embarrassed of my parents’ low paying labour jobs and even having to help them out. Growing up oppressed means lacking the confidence to own up to our capabilities and competence but feeling helpless when our more privileged and entitled peers get promoted first. Growing up with allergies means we can’t choose our genes because who lies on their mom’s laps and cries at the playground for being too weak and unwell to play. Growing up with allergies lies the unfairness that others can enjoy what you can’t because they won’t suffer the physical and mental consequences like you would. Growing up with an unfair genetic advantage means we have to work extra hard for our 40% to truly make a difference and offset the 60%. Growing up with 60% is a privilege because that is already a standard passing grade. Evolutionary theory calls for survival of the fittest; if you can’t make use of your 40% then bye bye bad genes.

Question: does poor mental health cause poor physical symptoms or does poor physical symptoms cause poor mental health?

Research attribution theory.

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