Princess Cruisin’ – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



  • Mismaloya Beach – don’t go because the water is not that clean and the beach is full of people soliciting for sales (as must as I wanted to support these local artisans, living minimally wins)
  • Downtown Puerto Vallarta
  • Shopping Mall near the port and Christmas Decor in the heat is weird
  • fresh coconuts (coco in spanish) ~$2-4 USD
  • Artisan Markets and fish pedicures ($10 USD)
  • construction and development everywhere


Mismaloya Beach
Mismaloya Beach
Mismaloya Beach
Mismaloya Beach
Coconut stand right beside a beautiful beach (we should’ve stayed instead of Mismaloya)
Coconut Stand on the road side to Mismaloya
Fish Pedicure – soft feet afterwards
Plaza Malecon


The port where our cruise ship parked
Image (14)
Nice view on the road side beside artisan tents
Image (13)
Downtown Puerto Vallarta
Image (12)
String of flags all down the cobbled streets

Lessons Learned:

  • Nada, Lo Siento = No, I’m Sorry
  • taxi drivers will become tour guides for $20 USD round trip (tip extra) to the following locations:
    • mismaloya beach – fresh coco stop on the way
    • downtown Puerto Vallarta
    • back to the port

*don’t let these taxi drivers be your tour guide because they will bring you to places where they probably get commission if you buy something from the pushy solicitors – know where you want to go and take the taxi there or sign up for a tour

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