Christmas Time Reminds me of Bristol, England

*Warning – Blurry Pictures due to my late realization to document my travels after my extensive travelling before my late realization



  • CHRISTMAS STEPS: one of my most memorable points of interest when I was in Bristol because it wasn’t part of our itinerary but we walked past these stairs and a sign that read, “Christmas Steps”; almost like a stairway to heaven. We impromptu checked it out and I was in love with the quaint feeling it triggers (when I saw FAN TAN ALLEY in VICTORIA, BC, it reminded me exactly of Christmas Steps and also AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS)
  • THE BUSY NIGHT LIFE – Bristol is not that big but the night life is… colourful and intense and my discovery of this song (rarely heard in CANADA): WANKELMUT & EMMA LOUISE – My Head Is A Jungle (Official Video)
  • Simply strolling around city centre and recognizing how cute Bristol is 

Lessons Learned:

  • I bought neon yellow shoes at H&M for 3 pounds and they were more comfortable than my 60 pounds CLARKS BOOTS (I even wore flip flops for a while in freezing Oct/Nov)
  • Cuteness is prevalent throughout UK and Europe
    • outdoor shopping with string lights
    • outdoor festive markets (such as Christmas)
    • bumpin’ night life, always
  • I wish we saw the Roman Baths
  • When I posted in our roommates’ Facebook group to ask if anyone wanted to come to Bristol, no one except for one replied. We bonded on the idea that we didn’t just want to see the typical big cities in each country (which is why no roommate replied). Bristol was probably more memorable than my trip to London or Ireland.

There is always something to see regardless of how unpopular or small a destination may be.

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