3 Decembers Ago: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow! I try not to think about the past good times because it makes me really sad that time doesn’t stop piling up; focus on creating future good memories!


  • I amsterdam sign
  • live sex shows and red light district – we walked past windows and windows of real women standing indoors on display in lingerie to “advertise” to customers
  • fresh mushrooms and marijuana for sale – it is legal and everywhere in Amsterdam!
  • QBIC hotel – eco and modern hotel in the business district with a location in London
    • features door-less washrooms and slow-flow water shower heads
    • this hotel was right inside a business building with windows that can see the offices
    • cool colour lights that enhances the modern architectural effect
  • beautiful string lights everywhere connecting tiny alley ways full of stores
  • beware bikers everywhere
  • first time we ever watched Geordie Shore
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I amsterdam sign
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kokosnoot = coconut

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Lessons Learned:

  • If you are looking for a hardcore sex show, don’t go to Theatre Casa Rosso – as the name suggests, the sex act is more theatrical (we paid 25 euros per person to get in back in 2014)
  • we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights but really should’ve stayed for 2 nights maximum since we were broke and didn’t do a lot of things that require money
  • Amsterdam is so expensive! I thought the UK was expensive to eat out in but Amsterdam will blow your mind away because it’s twice as hefty. We couldn’t get away without spending at least 50 euros for two people (maybe we ate at the wrong restaurants)
  • their pre-packaged meals were so good it should’ve been how we should’ve ate all weekend
  • we ended up sleeping in all day one day and by the time we woke up, there were no more places open around the business district so we bought expensive and gross gas station food

If I ever get the chance to visit Amsterdam again, I would take lots of nice pictures and see another live sex show.

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