Vancouver is a Disappointment

*true stories

A lot of people love Vancouver and there is much to be loved until you see their dark side.

My mom waited months to get her cataract surgery and they fucked it up – now she has to wait even longer to get it fixed.

One of my friends are waiting for months to see a specialist about her ongoing health condition affecting her daily life.

If my friend wasn’t in HK when her incident happened, she would probably be dead and still waiting for medical attention in Canada.


  • Emergency Rooms
    • nurses will try to hide their laughter when you’re wearing a face mask for the prevention of germs but they think that your face mask is funny
    • nurses will interrogate you and talk to you like you’re stupid
    • doctors will give you a lecture on facts you already know
    • the wait times are insane for the tax we pay on top of the low salary most people are making
  • Rain and Mold
    • it rains most days of the year
  • Shallow and Judgmental People
    • dating is very hard here – naive people take notes
  • Commuting
    • taking transit almost cost as much as driving a car and it takes more time too – buses are highly unreliable and late
  • Housing
    • the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
    • a down payment is impossible to save as rent uses up most of your pay cheque if you’re making less than $40K a year
  • UBC is a joke
    • tuition raises every year
    • highly competitive for a degree that gets you close to minimum wage when you graduate ($12-15/hour no guaranteed benefits or permanent work)
    • it is not what you know but who you know
  • Dirty Beaches
    • the ocean is absolutely filthy

Lessons Learned:

  • self care
    • the emergency room, doctors, and nurses don’t have your back so take care of yourself to prevent the need to use this “free” service (tax payers I’m sorry)
  • work smart, not hard but work hard, party harder
  • be grateful for what you already have
    • the shallowness and unfair salaries will get to you but don’t lose your sense of self
  • “In life, the only one that can make you happy is you”
  • don’t be naive – read some books, watch some TED talks or documentaries, gain more experience, and you’ll realize the evolutionary theory of all things
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy, what you believe, you make happen

Create a vision board and move the fuck outta Raincity.

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